Friday, November 14, 2008

Where in the World is Oscar?

Sorry for the late post, for those who happen to follow Oscar's adventures . . . he's safely back home in the Texas Hill Country, eagerly exploring every square inch of his back yard to see what changes have occurred since his departure. Here are a couple photo of our trip home:

I love the way the dark blue sky matches the colors on the Wonder Egg in this one! I told Oscar that we had it "a bit" easier than those intrepid families who dared to cross the western desert in their Conestoga wagon! Just about then, Oscar said "Whooa there, partner! Let's stop at this here stage coach station and check on the latest Comanche sightings."
So we pulled up to the Tunis Springs stage coach stop (a replica made from the original stones which used to be 1/4 mile away down at the large Comanche Indian camp) The kind folks at the stage coach stop gave Oscar a buffalo biscuit and assured him there were no more difficulties with Indian raiding parties like there were when the stage coach stop was in use back in 1879.

So . . . after 6 weeks and 5941 miles, Oscar and I have returned home. What a great trip! Our thanks go out to all who provided us with hospitality along the way, to our neighbors, Dan & Margaret, who took in the mail and watered the plants as we wandered along . . . and to Erika, Oscar's sister, who checked in to open the occasional snail-mail bill and inform me of the contents. What a great support system . . . thanks again to all.

Our next known trip will be for a few days in early December when we gather with other fiberglass RV campers at the Matagorda Madness rally, on Matagorda Island. Should be fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We awoke early among the giant trees, packed up (ie. put dog in truck), and started a long push eastward. Along the way, we spent one night in Nevada where it was all I could do to keep Oscar away from the slot machines! The next morning we crossed over Hoover Dam into Arizona. The Wonder Egg seems to be enjoying the view of the Lake Mead side of the dam.

Traveling on down to Lake Havasu City, AZ to visit Roger & Pat, we took time to drop by the London Bridge (which is no longer falling down). Built in 1831, it was slowly sinking into the clay of the Thames River under its own immense weight. It was purchased by Robert McCulloch for $2.4 million and moved brick by brick all the way from jolly old England. Oscar insisted I drive the Wonder Egg across London Bridge twice while he hung his head out the window and whistled the famous nursery rhyme. Everybody stared . . . the world is his stage, he is such a ham . . .
The evening was pleasant and cool with a beautiful sunset on display over Lake Havasu.
The next day, Roger, Oscar & I took a trip down old Route 66 to visit Oatman, AZ. Along the way we passed Ed's Kamp and the Kactus Kaffe. I'm sure it saw better business before the interstate highway was built.
A quaint little town rich with western flavor, Oatman is renown for the donkeys visiting main street to eat carrots out of the hands of tourists. Anyone see a tourist around here?