Thursday, April 25, 2013

Camping Hiatus

Well, there I was . . . screaming around a steeply descending sharp right hand curve on my cool Bacchetta Giro-20 recumbent bicycle, hugging the vertical retaining wall on inside of the curve, thinking of my next outing with Oscar the Smiley Dog.  

And that's when it happened . . . I scraped the inner wall, crashed and burned, and heard both bones break in my lower right leg.  DRAT!

Fortunately, the nice ER doc and his able assistant stabilized the injury with a cool splint!  Woohoo!!!

That was November 23rd, 2012.  The final diagnosis was spiral and compression breaks of the right tibia and fibula accompanied by a fractured ankle.  YIKES!  

After a month in the hospital and critical rehab followed by another 10 days at some dear friends' house I was able to go home.  The hardest part of that time was missing Oscar, who lived the life of "Pampered King Foo Foo Dog of the World" at some other friends' home.  I had to allow the bones to mend for four months before trying to walk initially with minimal weight bearing.  That was about five weeks ago.  Things are coming along right on schedule according to the doctor.

That's been the cause of minimal activity on our blog.  Oscar doesn't think there's much of a story line about me sitting around in the Lazy Boy with my foot elevated while I play the dulcimer, ukulele, irish whislte, bansuri, autoharp, harmonica, etc.   "Travels with Oscar the Smiley Dog" won't be having entries during the remaining recovery / therapy time.  Since I'm a solo human traveler with a pampered, worthless dog when it comes to campground duties, I need a solid recovery before hitting the road again.

Don't worry though, Oscar and I are safe at home as he is capable of protecting us both from the dreaded hedgehog!

He is also vigilant about everything that goes on around the house.  He claims nothing would ever escape his keen sense of awareness . . .
Sure, Oscar, whatever you say. LOL!

See you all down the road,

Pete & Oscar