Monday, August 26, 2013

Oscar's Airshow

Crossing the state line into Florida, we pulled into the welcome center rest stop so Oscar could "admire" the lush green grass, something he doesn't see much of in the heat wave of central Texas. When he turned around and saw the Blue Angel on static display, he became so excited and said "Look Pete! They're putting on an airshow just for ME!!!!!!"

Obviously the whisker faced little furball thinks the whole world revolves around him . . .



Thursday, August 22, 2013

Passport America's Birthplace

We're Baaaaack!  I couldn't stand Oscar's continual whining about not being out on the open road anymore so I thought I'd placate the little whipper-snapper.  We're off on a trip to visit family in Florida and get "Mr Whiney Dog" off my back.  It'll also be a test run to see how well the leg handles  the long drive after the crash-n-burn episode of the previous post.  I must admit it is nice to be out and about again . . .

I recently renewed my Passport America 50% Discount Travel Club membership and on this trip we're saving big bucks by using some of the more than 1800 camping sites offering these fantastic discounts.   Near Long Beach, MS we pulled into the Magic River Resort campground, a nice quiet setting close to I-10 yet far from any highway noise.  It is a small family friendly place with fishing ponds and a community dining area complete with a huge cooking pot to swing over the campfire for making  a hearty, warming stew to feed a large crowd or for a wicked witch to cook unruly children.

A sign says to find a campsite, settle in, relax and someone will be by in time to settle up the funds.  For Passport America members that'll be a hefty $12 please . . . what a deal!  The next morning Mr. Ray Fernandez stopped over to check us in / out and I learned this campsite is the actual birthplace of Passport America.  Ray's father had the idea for the original world's largest 50% discount camping club.  He came up with the idea right here, at his campground, the Magic River Resort.  Ray and his sister are the current owners and plan to keep the good work going as they expand the listing of discount campgrounds to be found all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  It was a bit of serendipity that lead us to this peaceful place where a fantastic camping club was born!  Stop on in if you get a chance and meet Ray!!!