Friday, June 19, 2015

Pete is a Wimp!

Hey folks, it's me, Oscar writing this entry.  Pete went out somewhere so I thought I'd hop online and tell you what an absolute WIMP he is.  This is payback for him taking me to the worst groomer I've ever had dealings with.  Payback is hell buddy . . . 

So here it is, Pete drove me to Niagara Falls, where I've been telling him to man up and go over the falls in a barrel.  He's just been hemming and hawing on me. One excuse after another.  "I have a hangnail." or "I'm afraid of heights." (says the retired pilot) I think he's just having an attack of sissyitis.

I even showed him how calm the water looked as it headed for the edge.
And how fun the slide down the water slide would be.

He'd have nuthin' to do with it, I tell ya.  He dangles me over the edge, so's I could look down and he mumbled something about rocks.
I told him not to worry, his head is way harder than any of those little pebbles, way down there.

Why he wouldn't even put on one of those red raincoats and go for a ride on The Lady of The Mist.
I think he was ascared.

Little ole Annie had more courage than scaredy Pete.

Well, after just about giving up on helping Pete find his manhood, I came across another idea.
(It worked for Nik Wallenda back in 2012)
Ya think he'll go fer it?

Notta chance . . . cuz he's a WIMPO!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Whose land is it?

Can anyone ever really "own" land?  As I cross this nation and stand amongst giant, 2000 year old Redwoods, I realize we are but a whisper passing through this place we call "our land".  Oscar and I visited one small area in "our land" which has been contested by four nations during recorded history;  Iroquois, French, British, and Americans all believed they were the possessors of this small corner of earth.

Peering over the earthen fortifications at Fort Niagara is the French Castle, built to resemble a trading house so the hostile Iroquois indians wouldn't think it was a military fort.

But when you get up close to the "trading house" you notice impressive outcroppings, not intended for guests to view the surrounding area from their penthouse rooms, or to allow Rapunzel to let-down her golden hair.  They were cannon emplacements commanding a wide view of the surrounding area for defensive and offensive purposes.

Daniel Hyacinthe-Marie Lienard de Beujeau - French Commandant of Fort Niagara 1749- 1751

His bedroom and study area was opulent for the time and place of his country's "ownership"

His soldiers did not share the same luxury.

Currently, the US Coast Guard Commander, at Coast Guard Station Niagara, viewed here from Fort Niagara, has nice a accommodation in "his country's land"
(tough duty, if you can get it)

After pondering all of this, Oscar the Smiley Dog ran into the former French Castle, scurried up the stairs to the Commandants quarters, hopped up on the bed and declared "This is MY land"