Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gator Wrestling

I was outside finishing a couple of modifications to the Wonder Egg (added a macerator and installed BBQ propane connection shutoff valve) when I heard loud crashing and banging coming from inside the house . . . I thought "Uh oh, Oscar's at it again . . . what now?!?"

I got inside just in time to see Oscar giving a stuffed alligator a whack on the head with a rubber mallet. He said he was practicing for alligator wrestling at Brazos Bend State Park over the 4th of July weekend. He was going to vindicate himself for the false story I set up in the "Oh Boy! Allgators!!!!!!!!" posting from 5/8/08.

Then he hurled the dazed gator in the air and caught him saying "This is what I'm gonna do to any alligator we come across when we join our friends at Brazos Bend. Won't Cody and Katy be impressed?

Feeling compassion, he told the gator he didn't mean to hurt him and they both curled up for an afternoon nap as Oscar dreamed about meeting the plush toy's big cousins in the bayou . . .

Somehow I don't think the big cousins will want to curl up and nap, unless of course they're stuffed from their fluffy dog snack!*#! I'd better keep Oscar on a short leash on this one . . .