Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rally near Big Bend NP

As most of the nation was caught in the maw of a 'big chill', Oscar and I went southwest towards the Big Bend National Park . . . a wonderful place to hang out in the winter months. You never know what you may encounter..

On the way there, we overnighted in Marathon, TX, a quaint little town with a nice RV park that kept a fire going for those cool evenings. Marathon also boasts a world class restaurant, The Gage, where you could dine haute cuisine in the main room or sit in the lounge and enjoy a killer white buffalo burger done to perfection.
Driving south into The Bend is a surreal experience where you are transported far, far from home . . .
If you are lucky, you will round the corner and come upon a friendly tribe of Egg Campers in the back wilderness only to discover they are happy and patriotic Casita owners out enjoying life.
They kindly allowed us to settle in amongst them, even though we were in an S.O.B. trailer (some other brand) Our Oliver is sort of a Casita on steroids but we are still able to blend in pretty well don't you think?

Lots of things to do . . . driving through the Big Bend NP, we found a cool campground nestled on the bowl of an ancient volcano. The shadows on the mountain sides were just right for a nice camera shot.

Only in Terlingua, TX will you hear a violin, oboe, guitar trio delighting shoppers at the local flea market.

The ruins of old Terlingua speak of a time that was much harsher than today.

Good food and your favorite adult beverage is available at the Starlight Theater, where you can share drinking stories with Clay Henry, one of the past local mayors, who continually enjoys his favorite brew after a visit to the taxidermist.

His great-great grandaughter, eight day old Annabel, is running for mayor this year. Here she is schmoozing with a voter.

Yep, Oscar and I had a fine, fine, time this January in Lajitas TX. Eileen captured this photo just as we were talking about how much more there is to do and see. Well, there's always next year . . .