Saturday, July 21, 2018


I started this travel blog when I picked up my Oliver Legacy Elite, "The Wonder Egg", in March of 2008.  As a recent widower and retiree, I found it very cathartic to share my wanderings with anyone who happened to come upon this rather quirky journey of a guy "Pete" and his dog "Oscar", both of whom made blog entries and generally "smack talked" one another.

After  ten years and 120,000 miles of rolling across the US and Canada I have acquired a new tow vehicle, and a new traveling companion, "Bosker".  Bosker and I are on our second year of long wanders and shall continue taking long trips during the Spring through Fall timeframe.

Short, pithy postings of our adventures now appear on my facebook page, which is found at:  

If you wish to see where Bosker and I wander over the coming years, feel free to "friend" me on FB.  But before doing so, please send me a brief email of your intent to see where we travel in the summer so I will know you are not a bot of some sort.  email to:

Save travels, and may all of your wanderings be spendiforous!

Pete & Bosker

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ancient, Giant Fisherman spotted . . .

Here we are on the last leg of circling Lake Superior.  Munising is a great tourist destination for folks looking to Kayak at Pictured Rocks or take a boat tour.  It has been a fun trip around the lake.  Wind blowing off the waters could instantly lower the temperatures by 30 degrees!

As we drove towards Duluth, MN Bosker yelled . . .

"Hey Pete! Did you get a load of that?"


"That giant, ancient fisherman back there."

"What's so special about a fisherman?"

"This guy is old, I mean really, really old.  He's even older than YOU and 
the fish he caught is bigger than any you you'll EVER catch."

Well, taking the bait I made a quick U-turn and went back to find this guy.  We found him in Kenenland.  He stood 30 feet tall and he caught a 25 foot long fish.  They stood still and  posed so long for someone to invent a camera to get his photograph that he, and the fish, sort of petrified.

This is no fish story, we have a picture to prove it.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Lake Superior.  Here we are, camped on a small inlet that feeds into the great lake from Wisconsin.  Huge, north, cool, noteworthy.  The largest of The Great Lakes, it deserves to be circumnavigated by The Wonder Egg.
And so it shall be.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


 SO . . .Pete went out on a long walk yesterday and came back all glassy eyed, with a faraway look, sorta staring into the distance kinda thing.  He handed me a picture and commenced to recount details about a mission from "a long, long time ago, in a far away kingdom", where he was flying a gunship low-level, across a triple jungle canopy, keeping the world safe from evildoers. Pete said if he "went down" into the jungle, he'd have to fend for himself with his k-bar knife, fending off 100 foot long, man eating anaconda snakes.

Later in the day, we were on a walk around the campground where I saw this group of what the locals call "umbrella plants".  I told Pete they looked mysteriously just like the triple canopy jungle picture he showed me earlier in the day.  He simply looked up into the trees and whistled an innocuous tune as he walked along the pathway.

Hey Pete, quit eating those strange looking mushrooms on your walks, will ya?

Monday, May 7, 2018

Go away Pete!

Have you ever had one of those mornings where all you want to do is reach for the coffee to get your brain cells moving while someone else is bouncing around the room, all happy and animated, telling you "Wake up!  Lets get going! We've got lots to do!"  ?

Well . . . . today is one of those days.