Thursday, March 31, 2016

We be Camping!

Well, Pete managed to get me out of the buzzing bluebonnets without either of us getting stung. Hoooraaaayyyy!

He also took my advice about going camping, so here I am, watching the world rotates as the golden sun sinks below the horizon.  It's my favorite time of day, a time to reflect on all that's good and to be thankful for everything and everyone (even Pete).

He was nice enough to get me this cool little chair to sit in as I guarded the campsite.
(I sent Pete out to gather firewood)

There might be hope for that guy yet.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pete and his STUPID Bluebonnets!

Pete is such a goofball.  He's all proud of himself for tossing out a bunch of bluebonnet seeds in his back yard and then doing nothing.  That's it, he did nothing at all.  Mother Nature did all of the watering, while Pete sat around and did, you guessed it . . . nothing.  So once a year he carries me and plops me down in the middle of 4000 square feet of sickeningly sweet smelling bluebonnets that are buzzing with a billion buzzing bees.   

Let me outta here Pete and lets go CAMPING before I get stung!