Sunday, December 14, 2008

Matagorda Madness

Oscar & I recently returned from a great time at a Fiberglass RV gathering on the coast of Texas!

We arrived at the rally point and Oscar chose the spot to park the Wonder Egg with all our friends . . .

Early the next morning, Oscar enjoyed running on the beachOscar reunited with a lot of his fur-buddies from the Bluebonnet Rally and got to meet some new pals. He was having a blast as we "adults" enjoyed sharing camping secrets, great food, laughs, and three great bonfires on the beach, which were way past Oscar's bedtime.

There was a delicious meal at a local dining establishment where we were the rowdiest bunch around. All in all, we were a lot of HAPPY CAMPERS! We even have pictures to prove it!

It was another fun rally of fiberglass campers. We're looking forward to many more . . .