Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Canadian Maritimes

One of the goals for this year's travels was to seek out cooler temperatures and avoid any semblance of a hot summer.  We eventually wandered to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and found a magical place filled with very hospitable people..

Oscar told the lighthouse keeper at Spencers Island, NS that he was afraid of the dark.  So the keeper gave Oscar a special campsite where he could feel safe in the glow of this 1904 lighthouse.

Oscar was enthralled by the workmanship of the tall ships at Lunenburg.

While he's not really one who chomps down on bones, Oscar was tempted to do just that when he came across this vertebrae of a whale.

His favorite part of each day was watching the world turn as the sun descended to the horizon.  we talked about tall the wonderful things we saw during the day.

Everyone was so excited to have Oscar the Smiley Dog visiting their province.  Prince Edward Island even sent out a special welcoming committee in honor of his arrival.

While he never found Anne, he did find Green Gables.


We enjoyed beachfront sites so we could be lulled by the lapping of the waves, but occasionally the weather has other ideas.  This blustery weather was spectacular, although not the most relaxing for sitting out and feeling the blood pressure go down.

Oscar couldn't get enough of the seafood.  He decided I should buy one of these fishing boats so we could catch our own each day.  It was then and there that I though we'd best head for home before he started calling me Captain Ahab and looking for fresh whalebone for himself!