Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pagosa Springs, Co

Hi folks, Oscar here. Pete's been too much of a slug lately to get out a post of our travels so I thought I'd catch up with them. He claims the construction of a carport for the Wonder Egg and window replacements in our home have deterred him from this task ... all I can say is "HE'S A WIMP!"

So anyway, that cool picture above is from the "Evening Illumination" of hot air balloons at Pagosa Springs this fall. Even the moon cooperated and made it into the photo ... coooool.

We met a bunch of great folks at the Pagosa Springs rally. It was a nice time meeting others who travel across the country alone in their travel trailers. What a fine group of people! I enjoyed meeting their furkids and doing the "sniff test" to see if I'd met them before.

The Wonder Egg found a nice spot to settle into during the rally.

I especially enjoyed the time down in the meadow chasing my pals. Above, you can see me on the fly as I'm chasing Foxy who thinks he can get away from "Super Dog!"

Look at the surprise in his eyes as I overtake him and cut off his path. HA HA!

Down in the meadow, Jim had a great setup for his Casita. Green lawn, beautiful spruce trees. blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds, all next to a mountain stream. Rough life, Jim!

There were lots of cool things for folks to do at Pagosa Springs. Old style locomotive rides were a huge winner. Pete chose to take the time to get his out his kayak on the local lake and go fishing.

Not being much for fishing, I hung back in the Wonder Egg and napped along with "Flat Weezul" to the sounds of a rushing stream.

The Wonder Egg felt right at home next door to a 1963 Avalair.

As evening came, retro music would emanate from the silver palace, drawing me, inexorably, towards it's door. I knocked and met our neighbors, Rob and Lori, who I partied down with while "Pete-the-slug" stayed in the Wonder Egg watching a documentary on "5000 Years of Chinese History" . . . What a loser!

Here are a couple more pictures from the balloon activities around Pagosa Springs this year.

Hope you enjoyed my blog, sorry "Pete-the slug" has been so slow posting this time. I'll try to get him to do better. Wish me luck . . . LOL!!!!!!!