Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ricegrass Festival & Vintage Trailers

Some friends told me about Ricegrass, a bluegrass music festival not far from here. Being a lover of all forms of music, I thought I'd check it out and I'm glad I did.

Here's the Wonder egg starting out the gate for Fischer, Texas.

Fischer has all the charms of a quiet, rural lifestyle. Tired fence posts ...

Quiet Bed & Breakfast, The Fischer Haus B&B
Automatic - all natural alarm clock (AKA Mr Rooster)

The Wonder Egg made itself a good home for a few nights and I settled in for some great talent.
It was amazing how much musical energy was packed into such a small venue. It seemed to be oozing out of everyone's pores . . . rapid fingerlicks, strong voices, tight vocal harmonies, wonderful standards and new compositions that rivaled the old in lyrical storytelling and structure. The Ricegrass Festival is bound to grow in coming years! I'll let the sights speak for themselves, you'll get the picture just fine . . .

Dennis Hubbard & Friends

Kimball & Painter w/ the Gibson Sisters

The Freight Hoppers

Two High String Band

Caroline Herring

The Stairwell Sisters

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum

Danny Barnes

Jake Jenkins & Friends

Lonestar Bluegrass

Hays County Burn Band

Slim Richey enjoyed the shows . . .

The Carper Family . . . new young talent / very strong

Byron Berline & Alan Munde

Music in the campsite . . . day & night - :)

After an awesome weekend, the Wonder Egg returned to home base and was greeted by a spring blooming of amaryllis on the back porch. Perfect homecoming to a perfect weekend!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break with Sparrow

My granddaughter's dad (AKA my son, Wilson) is a teacher in Austin and likes to use time off during Spring Break for family camping. Oscar & I joined in this year with Sparrow and her folks as they went to the Sherwood Forest Faire and Lake Brownwood State Park. Boondock camping was the order if the day in the recently cleared woods for the Renaissance Festival.

In the crisp morning air, Sparrow contemplated all of the fun and magical things she'd see at Sherwood Forest.

First, she started to get in the spirit of things by putting on her Pretty Maiden's cape.

It was everything a 4 1/2 year old maiden could wish for . . .
There were musicians!

And art lessons from the king's artist!

Scary trained vultures!

Pony Rides!

Centaur rides!!!!!

Hanging out with Mom & Dad!

The evening was capped off with a close-up, energetic fireworks display!

After the fair, we went to Lake Brownwood State Park. The weather turned cold and wet but that did not deter us from enjoying camping . . . no way . . .
The Council Bluffs camping area had a nice shelter with a huge fireplace that made for a warm, dry place for breakfast.

Here's "Chef Wilson" whipping up some bodacious breakfast tacos . . . YUM!

The Wonder Egg was a cozy place for Sparrow and Oscar to catch up on cartoons while it was rainy outside. . .

Sparrow and her new friend, Hanna cooked chili dogs over the grill . . . another YUM!

The sun set beneath the clouds as the Wonder Egg enabled us to enjoy another fine excursion outdoors. Family, faire, new friends, and centaurs!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hill-a-Palooza 2010

Oscar & I recently enjoyed the company of many friends at the 2nd annual Hill-a-Palooza fiberglass RV rally. It was a homecoming hosted by Denise & Phil Underwood, the best rally wagonmasters to be found, anywhere! Here's the Wonder Egg tucked in amongst its Casita pals.

When eggs gather for a rally, a miniature housing development appears out of nowhere and all the townsfolk are real friendly-like. Just like Mayberry R.F.D.

You've got your patriotic display of colors . . .

Some even bring their itty-bitty flamingos to go along with their itty-bitty trailers. This one is a 13' Casita named "Love Bug"

The Wonder Egg wasn't the only Oliver at the rally, there were two other Texas Ollies there . . . here's one from Spring, Texas.

Just 'cause we have small trailers doesn't mean we can't have a BIG party room . . . he, he, he.

This "Lil Critter" is a 13' Scamp. If you look closely, you can see a live little critter in the front window.

I'm sure this rig turns heads as it goes down the road. A white 13' Casita being pulled by a white unmarked (retired) cop car driven by white haired Mary!
It's not often that Oscar can say he's the big dog in the group. He may be in over his head though by the looks of the Chihuahua on the right. Look out Oscar!!!

Those two little whipper snappers weren't the only hot dogs around. As you see we knew how to make good use of a nice fire and some sticks. YUM

Denise officiated the evening fun as her 10 year old daughter, Katie, expertly wielded a sophisticated digital SLR camera to capture the event for posterity. Katie is also an excellent spontaneous artist . . .

Oscar was not a big fan of the scarf and hat I made him wear during the hillbilly pet show . . . (You can't see the hat 'cause it slipped way back on his head)

Well, the 2nd annual Hill-a-Palooza is past. We've all taken new memories home and look forward to next year.