Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From the Pacific to The Big Ditch

Oscar and I enjoyed the Route 66 trip with our new best friends. Now it's time to meander out of the lowlands to the high country to find cooler temps. When we stopped back at Williams, AZ Oscar kept looking up back over his shoulder during walks. Then I saw what he was concerned about . . . he thought these eagles were going to swoop down and pick him up!

After conferring with these bear cubs, Oscar decided all was well and he relaxed.

From Williams, we went north to the Grand Canyon. Here's the first glimpse we had of "The Big Ditch" as the locals call it.

Oscar picked out our campsite and we got all set for exploring . . .

Off we went, in search of views . . . we hit paydirt!

During this photo, Oscar kept muttering "Pete, step AWAY from the edge!!"

Approaching sunset, we went to catch the subtle light changes and reveled in the display . . .

Just before sunset, the Watchtower overlooked the Colorado River bathed in red hues.

Sunset on the rim of the Grand Canyon can be spectacular in its simplicity.
A great way to end a great day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

San Dimas to The End

With mixed feelings, we made the dash for the finish line of this epic journey. The thrill of conquering The Mother Road, melded with the knowledge that it was completed, over, done.

Since it would be unlikely we'd find parking at the finish line for tow vehicles pulling trailers, we left the LPTs and ventured forth. Traffic was dense . . . 47 miles in 5 1/2 hours should say it all.

The 1925 Aztec Motel in Monrovia shows off its style, in style!

Off in the distance, we'd catch an occasional glimpse of a sign proving that we're really here . . .

Since opening in 1957, the legendary Troubadour club in West Hollywood has helped launch some of contemporary music's most talented performers. Greats such as Elton John, James Taylor, Tom Waits, and The Eagles performed there early in their careers.

The Mother Road passes right by one our country's most talked about foo-foo neighborhoods.

Pleasant artistic greenspace is everywhere . . .

Oscar & I were glad to see this salute to all Texans following The Mother Road near the finish line.

Starting within sight of Lake Michigan, we finish with the Pacific Ocean as our backdrop. L -R Pete, Oscar the Smiley Dog, Chris, Dianne, Mathew, Lane, Phoebe the Mother Road Poodle Girl.

Oscar & I wish to thank Lane for having the idea for this journey and posting the question way back in September '08 " How about, in a couple of years, we stage a Little Plastic Trailer rally along Route 66?" Thanks , Lane . . . job well done!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Barstow to San Dimas

Barstow, CA is a small town built around the historic railroad. While diminutive in size, it has a couple of really cool eating establishments. For our evening meal, we were joined by Doug, a Casita owner from Kingman, AZ, at Peggy Sue's Diner. Great food and atmosphere surrounded by Hollywood memorabilia.

Before heading to San Dimas, we ate a hearty breakfast at Penny's Diner. WOW!

Polly the Parrot touts regular gasoline for 18.9 cents a gallon. We inquired inside and they said they were all out. DANG!

The heat of the desert brings out a creative element from fertile minds . . . here are some examples from a Bottle Tree Ranch found alongside the road near Helendale.

Not to be outdone, some California gypsies sported this converted bus with a van welded to the top for their living quarters. (I know . . . only in California)

Arizona's Wigwam Motel has a sister just east or Rialto, Ca. It seems a bit out of place amongst the urban sprawl of California compared to the Arizona setting.

Perhaps the last of the Giant Orange Stands that once lined California, Bono's Historic Orange does a brisk business along Route 66 in Fontana.

Enter a magical world where three wishes await your desires at Rancho Cucamonga's Magic Lamp Inn.

In Upland, the Madonna of the Trail statue depicts a rugged pioneer woman crossing making an epic crossing of one of the many trails that bisected this land over the years, always answering the inevitable questions from her offspring . . . "ARE WE THERE YET?"

Poised for our run to the finish line, the Little Plastic Trailers rest for the night in San Dimas.

To be continued . . .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Williams to Barstow

Oscar thought the accommodations at the Railside RV Park in Williams, AZ were awesome, but he got a bit confused as to which of these he should use. I told him that's easy, he's neither a city dog or a country dog . . . he's was a travelin' dog and he can take his pick. He liked that.

Travelin' on down the road a piece, we passed through Ash Fork and spotted a 1958 Desoto perched on the roof of Desoto's Beauty and Barber Shop. I think it was driven by Elvis.

Our lunch alarms went off in Seligman as we spotted the Road Kill Cafe'. How could we resist? Mathew had a "buffalo burger", Lane enjoyed a "bird that hit the curb" and I dined on "fender tenders"

Oscar thought that was gross and said he was hungry enough to eat a dinosaur. I gave him a chance and he wimped out. (Imagine that)

Crossing into California, we passed Needles, home of the vintage 66 Motel.

In case we forgot maps, California places obvious markers on their stretches of the Mother Road.

The kokopellis felt at home in the desert.

Flat, hot, windy is par for the course on this stretch.

Oscar yelled "Pete stop! Did you see that odd tree back there?" As I pulled over he grabbed the camera and trotted back for a photo. He told me either these Californians have an odd sense of road beautification or this is where all of Forest Gump's fellow joggers left their worn out footwear.

On and on and on goes the Mother Road, fading to a thin line in the distance . . .

There's no doubt Lane is on a mission.

Oscar said this guy looks a little out of place crossing the Mohave desert with a boat!

One of the most often filmed Route 66 icons is Roys's Cafe' in Amboy, built in 1927.

This area may be hot in the summer, but a long time ago it was hotter, with molten lave coming forth from the Amboy Crater, an extinct North American cinder cone south of the route.

Folks used to be enticed to overnight at this motel with offers of "Free TV" LOL!

Harsh winds and punishing heat take their toll on structures left unattended for long.

Making this crossing, I'll take a Little Plastic Trailer to a Mule Train we passed any day!