Monday, March 28, 2011

OMG - Pete's Gone BONKERS!!!!

Help me! What am I gonna do with Pete, who has obviously gone off his rocker . . . JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAUUUUUGUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have these really cool friends , Phil & Denise Underwood, who host the annual Hill-a-Palooza rally near Austin, TX. It sure is a fun time for everyone.

Take, for instance, this Casita from a coastal tribe of Texans, who get goofy after 5 o'clock, which seems to roll around any time they want - LOL. (I think they were still sleeping in when this picture was taken)

Then there's the U-Haul clan that always puts in a good showing at these get togethers.

Pete up and grabbed me for a family photo . . . I tried my best to wiggle away from his blacked out teeth hillbilly get up, but he was too strong for this small, furry dog . . .

At least I was able to enter my Flat Weezul Chilleee recipe into the competition. While not a prize winner, it brought tears to the eyes of those that tried it. (He, he, he)

We've been back home for a while. It looks like Pete's starting to get us ready for another trip. I heard him say something about fishin' in Arkansas, then joining 150 fiberglass trailers amongst the bluebonnets and then goin' out to west Texas to round up some javelinas. What the heck is THAT about? Please help me! Pete's gone really bad-like bonkers, as you can plainly see. What am I gonna do with him?