Saturday, July 1, 2017


Here's a quick sampling of some of the wonderful experiences Bosker is having on his first camping experience.

Bosker was quickly introduced to the splendor of watching the sunset from a wooded campsite on a lake. He gave it a rapid waggy tail rating.

In Tennessee, I found the perfect campground for Bosker.  They encourage storytellers to stop in, and since Bosker is likely to be a world class "yarn spinner" he fit right in.

In Hohenwald, TN we attended a fiberglass RV rally that had FOURTY Oliver travel trailers attending.  The largest Ollie gathering, e v e r .   Thirty five other fiberglass enthusiasts were there also.  The Wonder Egg had a nice perch on top of a small hill. It's fun to meet more of the Ollie and fiberglass clan.

This is kind of embarrassing.  Every time we crossed a state line, Bosker grabbed the camera and took a picture of the welcoming signs.  I finally asked him why and he said "Don't ya see it Pete?  They all LOVE me and are welcoming me into their state!!!"
(He certainly is related to his 1st cousin, Oscar, isn't he?)

Vermont - the White Mountains - another fiberglass RV Rally.

Bosker enjoys the meet and greet activity that goes on as he is walked around the campground

We made it to the St Lawrence River, where Canada could be seen across the river.  The sunrise over the river greeted us with the splendor and joy of creation as we looked forward to the rest of the summer's adventure.

Bosker was saving up energy for our crossing into Canada.

The adventure continues . . .