Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2012 Kansas Egg-stravaganza

Bummed about not finding any aliens, there I was, tuning through the dials of my ham radio set and suddenly came across an interesting discussion about a gathering of egg-pods way down in at a watering hole they refered to as Milford Lake, Kansas.  So I ripped off my headset and yelled "Hurry, Pete!  Head southeast, quick!  I figured out where the aliens are landing!!!"     And off we went . . .

By the time we arrived, the aliens had set up a secret community of pods.  Some of them were displaying flags from their worlds.

This one looked like a communications center, with a special antenna on the back, shaped like an alien's head.  OMG!

A smiling delegation was sitting outside this pod from The Land of Casita, displaying multiple flags of loyalties and speaking with strange accents . . .

This pod, from The Land of Scamp had an odd shape to it . . . I think it was a sleeping berth for long interstellar travel, so they could go into hibernation.

They even had a weather station pod.  Boy, these aliens are organized . . .

One shy alien tried hiding behind a tree, but I spotted him with my keen canine eyesight.

The smallest pod, from The Land of Scamp, had a flying saucer mounted on a pole getting ready to take off on a recon flight.  

Later that day, I spotted a large group of aliens gathered around a small burning pyre.  Did one of their members not survive the long trip, or were they burning an offering of thanks to their creator for a safe journey? I just had to find out . . .

I decided to spy on them and asked Pete to help me get close.  He sortta looks like an alien, so I didn't think they'd notice us . . .  

One evening, they all gathered together to share nourishment, brought from their various worlds.
They seemed to be a very happy-go-lucky group of aliens, if you ask me.

I came to sit on alien laps, so I asked Pete if I could try and get in some lap time with these strange beings.  He smiled and said "Go for it, silly dog"

It worked!!!!!!!!!!

I learned how gentle these aliens were and decided to see if they were trainable too, so I picked one out for a head scatchin' lesson, and to my delight, discovered they are trainable!!!

What a great time.  I told Pete we should be on the lookout for more of these alien pod gatherings.  He rolled his eyes and said "Anything to keep you happy, Oscar."  (He's trainable too!)

Friday, January 18, 2013

OK, what's up with us anyway???????????

Did Oscar ever find aliens? 

Are Pete and Oscar still stuck in the frigid north?

Just what the HECK is going on?!?#?!

Watch this space for coming news .  .  .