Monday, April 21, 2008

Springtime in Texas

I believe I'm developing a disease called turnarounditis. It is a malady that causes me to cease driving down the road to my destination . . . I can't fight the urge to retrace my path and position The Wonder Egg for a possible-blog-entry-photo-shoot . . . aaauuuggghhh!

Or perhaps it was that voice inside my head from The Wonder Egg saying "Stop Pete! I wanna smell the flowers!" Who can resist a talking egg?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Inks Lake State Park

Oscar & I were itching to strike out again this weekend and I was fortunate to find one opening at beautiful Inks Lake State Park, just west of Burnet, TX. Inks Lake is one of 7 lakes created by the damming up of the Lower Colorado River system. It is loaded with hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, jumping off rocks into the lake, paddle boating, BBQing, reading, relaxing, and a few dozen more nice ...ings.

Yesir, I think we're gonna like it here . . .

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Whiney Car

I kept hearing this strange, pitiful, whimpering sound every time I went through the driveway . . . then I figured it out . . . it was Bugeye! Listening carefully, I could hear something like "You don't play with ME anymore . . . new fancy schmancy Wonder Egg! . . . What's it got that I haven't got?"

I had to do something quick! I gently hooked up Bugeye to Wonder Egg while big brother Tacoma was providing the safety lookout. It was like they were always meant to be together. Bugeye flashed me a big grin and drove away telling me he had a swell time.

(Whew! Averted another family crisis!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2008 Texas Bluebonnet Casita Rally

4/5/08 - Well, we finally did it. We went to our first ever rally . . . woohoo! Here you see Oscar soaking up some rays as he awaited another walk so he could make lots of new 4-legged friends. As I thought, all the other "Eggers" were the kindest folk you'd ever want to meet. I look forward to many, many more wonderful times with them in the future.

Honor the Sacred

"Honor the Sacred" is an original work of art by Kathy Hatt, of Show Low, AZ. She produces amazing canvas prints that she sells on her web site

I looked far & wide on the web to find just the right piece to grace the front of the Wonder Egg as I set out on my journeys. After contacting Kathy, I explained to her about the unexpected loss of Lynn and my desire to continue with our dream of traveling in an RV after I retire. I told her that Lynn's companion dog, "Oscar," & I would be enjoying the wonderful outdoor spaces and vistas and that I thought this work of her's would help set the tone to our sojourns. Kathy graciously gave me permission to have a one of a kind mural made for the front of the Wonder Egg.

Thanks, Kathy!

First Night in the Wonder Egg

3/25/08 - Good morning world . . . !!! Life is gooood as I looked out the windows and see the sun glittering off the lake surface through the beautiful and barren winter forest. Coffee pot is on with my 12v Cuisenart 4-cupper and the brew is strong.

It doesn't get much better than this . . .

Yesterday was a long day, 'cause I asked Oliver to put on yet another upgrade and they said "Why SURE Pete!" (you really have to love these people) I added a converter that will enable me to use power stored in the batteries to run 110v ac as desired. Now each of my numerous electrical outlets has one recepticle to run off shore power and the other off the battery which will be recharged from the solar panel. More flexibility built in to the Wonder Egg.

Arrived at the campsite after sunset and did a quicjk hookup to city water & electric. Spent the next several hours setting up house as I enjoyed the first DVD in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Nice crisp picture on the flat screen and great surround sound from the 4 speakers.

Temp was in the high 20s overnight here on the Natches Trace, and, as I figured (when I was warm & cozy in bed) the hose delivering city water froze outside. No problem, I simply opened the tap in the bathroom which ran with a trickle, but after a few minutes there was full pressure as thr in-line ice melted from the new flow. next time I'll be sure to put some in the holding tank whch is protected from freezing.

Source of heat overnight was a tiny thermostat controlled electric heater. Saved on propane, quiet, and very adequate to the task.

Cell pone booster works on AT&T and Verison but not on Sprint, cause they've ceeded thus territory to the others and there is zippo, nada signal out there for the amplifier to boost on Sprint. Yet . . . my Spriint air-data apparently works just fine!

Well, that's it for now . . . having fun getting into the swing of things.

Hohenwald, TN

3/23/08 Easter Sunday . . .Well here I am at the Goodenough Inn, Hohenwald, TN. No Sprint phone service, yet I am able to use my airdata card which works on the same network . . . I think because of the USB connection and extra power to the antenna . . .

Ate at the local Mexican restaraunt and had the "Martinez Plate" (chilli relleno) it was passable, though I had to order the tortillas as a side dish. Everyone in the restaurant was fixated on
the television which was showing America's Funniest Home Videos. (arrgh)

I go get my Easter Egg tomorrow . . . more pics to follow as the journey continues.