Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Settling Back at Inks Lake

After being at a rally with 140 trailers (a veritable small city), 8 of us "Eggers" decided to head to Inks Lake State Park for a no-agenda-rally to kick back, relax, and enjoy just "being."

Oscar picked out a nice spot for The Wonder Egg and supervised as I set up camp.

I took the yak out on the lake and enjoyed come catch-and-release games with numerous fish. Most of all, I enjoyed the ability to quietly ease up on wildlife, unnoticed, and get some pics.
This sleeping duck ha no idea I was within 6 feet in the "stealth yak" enjoying the scenery.

Oscar took the camera out later and got a nice photo of some goslings with their mom.

Jim and Weenie stopped by the campsite for a nice visit . . .

Some folks ask "Just what do you DO at these rallies, Pete?" I tell them most of the quality time is spent with friends, kicking back, playing board games, talking about our travels and families, enjoying the weather and beauty around us and being at ease with life . . . like this!

That's our travels for now, we hope to be back on the road in a few weeks, after hanging around here waiting for g'baby #5 to pop into the world and say hello to everyone.
'Til next time!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011 Bluebonnet Rally

I walked by the sofa today and there's Oscar in his "I'm really a cat in a dog-suit" pose, curled up on the arm, and giving me a disgusted look. He then proceeds to tell me it's about time I made an entry about the great Bluebonnet Casita Rally we attended in Bandera, TX. He's right, I've procrastinated too long, so here it is . . . Now hush up, you insufferable little dog!

One of the largest gatherings of fiberglass trailers is the annual Texas Bluebonnet Casita Rally, held each spring in Bandera, Texas. Seeing old friends and meeting new friends is what it's all about.

Ya gotta get there early to get a good spot. This is about what it looked like several days before the rally officially kicked off . . . EGGVILLE!

We set up camp, after arriving from our recent trip to Arkansas.

It's always interesting to see the different motifs proudly displayed on the trailers.

This one even came with a mother-in-law room addition. LOL

As we passed this one, Oscar said "Hey Pete, get a load of that rear window!"
Trying not to laugh at his unintentional wordplay, I distracted the little dog by guiding him towards some different types of trailers . . .

While Casita's naturally had the vast majority of participants, there were the occasional outliers, such as the Vintage Bigfoot, above, that came with it's own mascot, and the Oliver, below, with a St George's cross flying high on a uniquely flexible flagpole. (Its owners had a slight accent, of course!)

Oscar had enough of looking at trailers and got right down to making himself at home, doing what he does best . . . relaxing . . . poor guy looks a bit stressed out here, NOT!!!!!!!!

He managed to wrangle a dog biscuit out of a new BFF. "YUM!"

Oscar gave this yard high marks for the greenery and lighting accents.

Poor little dog, gets no luvin' . . .

Surrounded by all his gal pals, Oscar was one Happy Camper

Speaking of Happy Campers, this Casita appears to be a close cousin to The Wonder Egg, sporting a fine smiley face as it travels on down the road.

It's a unique experience to hang out a few short days with 140 other fiberglass trailers. Meeting, greeting, eating, fishing, laughing, and looking forward to the next rally. Life is GOOOOOOOOOD!