Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let the Wandering Begin!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are past, kids & grandkids are well, the weather is turning colder, so we're off on another adventure, seeking warmer weather and some warm spring fed rivers in Florida to go kayaking with our new Hobie Mirage Drive Sport! Woohoooo!!!!

Actually, I'll be kayaking and Oscar will be hanging out elsewhere since, as he says, he "doesn't DO water." (wimp)

We escaped shortly after sunrise, just as the rain and sleet started, getting out before the San Antonio drivers started playing bumper-cars as they usually do if it's not dry conditions on the road (aauugghh).

Itinerary is flexible . . . have a New Year's Day Florida-beach-hippie-wedding to attend at St George Island State Park (everyone attending must wear tie-dye). After that, perhaps a caravan of Eggs to Tampa . . . after that . . . ????????

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Pete & I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas,


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Matagorda Madness

To all our dear friends gathering at the Matagorda Madness rally, Oscar and I are sad to say we will not be able to join you this year. Oscar has a nasty bronchial infection which we are battling with antibiotics, etc and we are laying low for a little while. We hope to see many of you at the upcoming Hill Country Hillapalooza.

We hope you have a great rally and many wonderful bonfires on the beach!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lost Maples - Colors

Well . . . another tough week in the life of Oscar the Smiley Dog . . . such perfect weather and so many beautiful Texas State Parks to visit . . . I told Oscar he had to narrow it down to one and he selected Lost Maples State Natural Area so he could see the fall colors in the trees (his favorite thing!)

After selecting a nice spot, Oscar allowed me to set up the trailer and here's a photo he took when all was in place.

During the next morning's walk, Oscar was enthralled with the classic Airstream Safari parked across the meadow

The morning continued with a little kicked back coffee and reading a good book, "Three Cups of Tea," by Greg Mortenson.

After a bit of readin' & relaxin' we took off to hike and see the fall colors . . . here's a sampling.

That evening, by the campfire, we talked about the nice display of colors and began planning our next trip.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pedernales Falls SP

One of the nice things about having a flexible schedule is being able to pick up on a whim and go to a beautiful campground at a time when others are elsewhere . . . That's just when Oscar & did this week when we visited Perdenales Falls State Park , between Johnson City & Austin, TX.
Being able to select among the myriad of sites available, we chose #6. It has a trail leading about 100 ft back into the woods where the picnic table sits under a great oak with the fire pit nearby. This would be an awesome site for tent campers.

The park has miles and miles of hiking trails, a great swimming area, and of course the falls . . .

It was nice sitting out in the mobile reading room enjoying a good book

Looks like the wonder Egg, pink flamingo and kokopellis were chilling out as well . . .

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 Oktoberfisch

Every fall, the Fredericksburg, Fly Fishers Club hosts Oktoberfisch fly fishing festival, where like minded folk gather to polish their skills on the river, catch up with old friends, and swap fish-tales around the campfire.

As Oscar & I departed the house, the usual hail & farewell gaggle was relaxing in the yard saying goodbye.
After arriving at Morgan Shady Park, we set up camp at a nice site overlooking the North Lanno River.

One of the best benefits for me was getting to work on proper casting techniques with master teachers. Here is a group practicing on the point.

I also learned about the various types of kayaks used for fishing and was able to decide on which boat I'll be purchasing. Here's an early morning shot of the fleet . . .

No gathering of this sort would be complete without a BBQ, Texas style! Gotta have some of them fried jalapeno peppers don'tcha know YUMMMMMMM! First you put some "special batter" on 'em and fry 'em up good & crispy like.

Set 'em in a pan with some ranch dressing available on the side . . .

Then simply wait for folks to grab a plateful and start working up a real nice sweat! there's nuthin' quite like sweaty eyebrows from jalapeno overload. Releases endorphins too!!

Money was raised for local FFA as hard working volunteers served up some mighty good steak.

Dinner on the lawn under evening lights . . .

Commemorative desert cake . . . mouth watering . . .

Oscar enjoyed some fireside lap time with Michelle and Elaine as he listened to us all swap stories . . .

We're looking forward to next year's Oktoberfisch already.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PINE KNOT V - Molded Fiberglass RV RALLY

We've were home a couple weeks when Oscar started to get "itchy feet" - a malady which effects many owners of molded fiberglass trailers . . . sooooo . . . as the Crepe Myrtles were starting to blossom, I loaded up the Wonder Egg and we headed for the PineKnot RV Rally in Grapeland, Texas.
The closer we got, the more animated Oscar became as he anticipated reuniting with his fur-buddies. As the Wonder Egg rounded a bend he said "Look, Pete . . . Eggs in the woods!" That's just what it looked like. A gathering of "Pod People" deep in the pine woods of east Texas WOOHOO!

The Wonder Egg was happy as it snugged up against the trees near its Casita pals.

Fiberglass trailers have been in production for a long time. Here's a vintage Compact Jr that had been restored. Nice, even had A/C!

A proud Texas grad had his U-haul parked next to a Scamp. Both 13 footers. The Scamp was towed by a VW Bug.

It's like a small city suddenly sprouted up in the meadow . . .

Complete with post office . . .
Campfires in the evening, morning coffee & rolls with friends, pot luck dinners, melodies of recorder duets backed up by guitar in the evening air, loud card games of "bu__ sh__", dutch-oven demonstrations (those folks are amazing!) catching up with old friends and making new ones . . . Oscar especially liked the dog show, where all the proud owners got to show off and brag on their dogs. After the show we had a "family" photo taken with our fur-kids.

All things come to an end, and so did the PineKnot Rally. Oscar was in his bed, dreaming about all his new memories as we pulled away from the rally site.

It was fun being Tail End Charley of a small caravan of rolling Eggs as we went down the road.
Till we meet again . . .

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Earthships . . . sustainable housing concept.

There we were . . . tooling down HWY 64 towards Taos, NM and Oscar says "Hey Pete! Get a load of those buildings, didn't we just see them on TV?" We did . . . so we just had to stop in and take an up close look at EARTHSHIP!

Imagine the temperature outside is 29 degrees and you have no electrical or gas heating in your home. Scary? Not if your home is an Earthship design with Thermal/Solar heating! Your home could be a comfy 70 degrees on the inside. Go figure . . .

About 15 minutes west of Taos, NM is the most unique housing development I've ever seen. Earthship Is a design concept that takes a moment to wrap your head around, but after you've done it you realize how much sense it makes. Made of recycled materials, an Earthship home maximizes the following principles: Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling; Solar & Wind Electricity; Contained sewage treatment; Natural & Recycled Materials for building; Water Harvesting; Food Production.

Off in the distance beyond this Residents Only sign are numerous Earthship homes comfortably nestled into the landscape.

You just never know what marvel is around the next bend as you travel through this great country . . .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trujillo Meadows, Co 10,300' elevation!

Up, up, up we climbed into the Colorado Rockies to escape the lowland heat. It was well worth the effort as we approached Trujillo Meadows and the cool wind rewarded us with its touch.

Our campsite was surrounded by magnificent evergreens alive with chattering chipmunks who relished in tormenting Oscar.

Trujilo Meadows has a nice waterfall to be viewed from an overlook.

Some campsites have a nice view of the lake full of trout.

Twice a day we were greeted with the sound of the Cumbress / Toltec steam engine as it came into Cumbress Pass. The camp was about 2 miles from the station and the engine's whistle sounded clear and strong as it approached or left the station. Here's a short video as it departs Cumbress Station loaded with passengers.

A half day's walk takes you to the top of the continental divide . . .11,600' elevation - what a view!

18 days before our arrival was the last sighting of bears in camp. Before that, they had been seen in camp day and night for 3 weeks! We were guided to a bear cave about a mile away, as the crow flies. (I left Oscar at camp so he wouldn't whoop up on the bear too bad) In it, we found evidence of a den used to "winter over" by the bears. They were out eating berries and storing up fat for a long winter's sleep.

Here are Oscar's new best friends form our trip. Russ, Candy, Betty, and Larry. In front are Oscar's furpals, Leo & Dillon.