Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2008 Texas Bluebonnet Casita Rally

4/5/08 - Well, we finally did it. We went to our first ever rally . . . woohoo! Here you see Oscar soaking up some rays as he awaited another walk so he could make lots of new 4-legged friends. As I thought, all the other "Eggers" were the kindest folk you'd ever want to meet. I look forward to many, many more wonderful times with them in the future.


David Miller said...

Pete: Thanks for the information. I will be watching as you take your little ventures. If you get near us you and the pet are welcome to stay with us anytime. Would love to see you. Sooo much has happened since we saw you in Orlando. Love Dave & Jan

CarolAnn said...

Pete, I know this is heresy, but did you research the Bigfoot. I saw one in Bandera and liked it--'though not nearly as much as the Oliver. If I can't afford the Ollie, I need a backup.

This blog is a perfect forum to share your adventures and insights.

CarolAnn (mother at 5 years of age)

Pete said...


I thought the Oliver's size and sleek aerodynamic design worked better for me. While the Bigfoot may be wider on the inside, the wind resistance to pull is greater and the maneuverability can't match that of the Oliver.

Besides, the list price for the 17 is more than the Oliver and even though you may approach the Oliver's purchase price, I thought the bang for the buck is greater with the Oliver.