Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hurricane, Shmurricane!!

"Hey Pete, lets be daring and head for the beach! Yeah, I heard all about Hurricane Dolly . . . Dolly, Schmolly . . . a bit of wind and rain can't stop us from havin' fun can it?!? I just bought these new 'chick magnet' shades and have been workin' on a few tricks that'll get their attention . . . check this out . . . How many dudes do you think they know that can lick the top of their nose while delicately balancing cool shades on their muzzle? All the dogs in my posse think it rocks!

Whatsamatter, Pete? Cat got yer tongue? I've got my beach ball, beach blanket and some SPF 70 sunblock and am ready to go . . . let's get outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wow, Oscar has truly taken this Wonder Egg camping thing to heart. I guess we're heading for Mustang Island State Park tomorrow. I wonder what we'll find blown up on the shore by Dolly?


Anonymous said...

Pete, you N' Oscar let us know all about your beachcombing treasures. Butcherknife and I just love doing that after a blow !

Anke said...

Hi Pete, your going to do some adventure seeking, or has Dolly by now completely left te country?! Anyway, you posts still are nice and funny to read, so keep going!
How did the last weeks go?
I finally booked my trip to the US, and decided to go with your advise! I'll fly to Boston first for some days, and afterwards to miami to catch some sun hopefully! Only thing left to arrange is finding a good hotel in Boston, which apparently is quite expensive...! But it'll work out I guess! Take care for now and I'll speak to you later!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Oscar is so cute and funny with those sunglasses on!

the collins