Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Florida Panhandle

Oscar & I stopped in at Apalachicola, FL to meet up with Geri & Chuck, Midget, Bobbie, Scottie & Bonkers (in spirit). They showed us around the quiet little "artsy" town and we had a great time. They currently full-time in an Oliver travel trailer (called The Phunnyfarm)and are heading to Roper Lake State Park in Safford, AZ to play camp host and hostess for a while. Sweeeet!

Departing Apalachicola, we headed eastward along the beach when Oscar yelled "Stop Pete! That poor child needs help!" He jumped out the window and ran down the beach to ensure the "poor child" was wearing enough SPF 30 sunblock to ward off skin cancer in her later years. (yeah . . .right)

After capturing the skin-cancer-rescue-dog and putting him on a short leash, we continued eastbound. The adventure continues . . .


j. or m. said...

Hi Pete & Oscar!!
I wish I'd been the one to take these. Beautiful!!!

It was so great meeting you, and I look forward to checking in on you both!!

Happy Camping!

Pete said...

You would have loved the beach! Hopefully Oscar & I will run into you all "out there" again . . .

ps Oscar sends a silent 'arf' to Nova.