Monday, May 4, 2009

OK, we're BAAACK . . . now let's go Camping!

Well, Oscar did a great job with his grandmother in Florida for the last 6 weeks. Our mission is over there and we've just pulled into the homestead here in Texas. Now it's time to go camping!

While we were in Florida, Oscar received an email from Bob & Bonnie, a couple who full-time in a 38' "diesel pusher" class A motor home. . . no kidding . . . the subject line says "Hi Oscar". They are in our area finishing their winter season in Texas before they head up to Wyoming for their summer season (life is goooood). They asked Oscar if he could have his driver bring him up to the Fredericksburg RV Park so he could sit on their laps.

We head on up there to tomorrow to spend a few days meeting Oscar's new-best-friends! What a friendly little dog :)


mountainborn said...

Welcome back youse' guys ! Oscar, keep an eye on Pete, his driving skills may have became stagnant while taking care of business in Fla !

squirrelgirl said...

Hope all is well with Oscar's grandmother and glad you 2 had a safe drive back to TX. Have fun camping! I posted about my recent ride in a Sikorsky, and as soon as I have my new computer up I'll post pics of our trip to the Bahamas this past weekend :-)