Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PINE KNOT V - Molded Fiberglass RV RALLY

We've were home a couple weeks when Oscar started to get "itchy feet" - a malady which effects many owners of molded fiberglass trailers . . . sooooo . . . as the Crepe Myrtles were starting to blossom, I loaded up the Wonder Egg and we headed for the PineKnot RV Rally in Grapeland, Texas.
The closer we got, the more animated Oscar became as he anticipated reuniting with his fur-buddies. As the Wonder Egg rounded a bend he said "Look, Pete . . . Eggs in the woods!" That's just what it looked like. A gathering of "Pod People" deep in the pine woods of east Texas WOOHOO!

The Wonder Egg was happy as it snugged up against the trees near its Casita pals.

Fiberglass trailers have been in production for a long time. Here's a vintage Compact Jr that had been restored. Nice, even had A/C!

A proud Texas grad had his U-haul parked next to a Scamp. Both 13 footers. The Scamp was towed by a VW Bug.

It's like a small city suddenly sprouted up in the meadow . . .

Complete with post office . . .
Campfires in the evening, morning coffee & rolls with friends, pot luck dinners, melodies of recorder duets backed up by guitar in the evening air, loud card games of "bu__ sh__", dutch-oven demonstrations (those folks are amazing!) catching up with old friends and making new ones . . . Oscar especially liked the dog show, where all the proud owners got to show off and brag on their dogs. After the show we had a "family" photo taken with our fur-kids.

All things come to an end, and so did the PineKnot Rally. Oscar was in his bed, dreaming about all his new memories as we pulled away from the rally site.

It was fun being Tail End Charley of a small caravan of rolling Eggs as we went down the road.
Till we meet again . . .


The Underwoods said...

it was nice to meet Oscars driver again

Anke said...

Hi Pete & Oscar, looks like a fun trip you had! (but then, did you ever have not-fun trips?). What's a dutch oven?
How was the fur-kid test ended?!
Enjoy your next trip and keep on finding that damn road to Europe...! It must be somewhere ;)

Pete said...

Anke, your Dutch ancestors perfected a method of making cast iron cooking pots in the 1600's. They were used by early American settlers in their travels westward. You can read more about it at:

There are many skilled campground chefs that use these versatile pots to create wonderful delicacies.

Oscar passed his beginner obedience school and we are currently enrolled in the intermediate class!

I'm still looking for that road ...