Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ricegrass Festival & Vintage Trailers

Some friends told me about Ricegrass, a bluegrass music festival not far from here. Being a lover of all forms of music, I thought I'd check it out and I'm glad I did.

Here's the Wonder egg starting out the gate for Fischer, Texas.

Fischer has all the charms of a quiet, rural lifestyle. Tired fence posts ...

Quiet Bed & Breakfast, The Fischer Haus B&B
Automatic - all natural alarm clock (AKA Mr Rooster)

The Wonder Egg made itself a good home for a few nights and I settled in for some great talent.
It was amazing how much musical energy was packed into such a small venue. It seemed to be oozing out of everyone's pores . . . rapid fingerlicks, strong voices, tight vocal harmonies, wonderful standards and new compositions that rivaled the old in lyrical storytelling and structure. The Ricegrass Festival is bound to grow in coming years! I'll let the sights speak for themselves, you'll get the picture just fine . . .

Dennis Hubbard & Friends

Kimball & Painter w/ the Gibson Sisters

The Freight Hoppers

Two High String Band

Caroline Herring

The Stairwell Sisters

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum

Danny Barnes

Jake Jenkins & Friends

Lonestar Bluegrass

Hays County Burn Band

Slim Richey enjoyed the shows . . .

The Carper Family . . . new young talent / very strong

Byron Berline & Alan Munde

Music in the campsite . . . day & night - :)

After an awesome weekend, the Wonder Egg returned to home base and was greeted by a spring blooming of amaryllis on the back porch. Perfect homecoming to a perfect weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for comming Pete. Enjoyed your company and hope to see you in november. Jeff

Cathy said...

Great photos, Pete. I had a wonderful time at my first Bluegrass Festival. The tour of your traveling home was fun as well as the great stories we shared. I am so glad the 'volunteer plant pruner' did not make it into the photo 'line up'. Hope to see you soon, Cathy.

Anke said...

I'm jealous of the pictures Pete, I would love to hear the music with them!
But what is Bluegrass Music?

Pete said...

Bluegrass is an original American form of music with roots from Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish traditional music.

Sorry you weren't in the US to come to the show. You have an opportunity to see the European World of Bluegrass Festival May 13-14-15, 2010 in Voorthuuizen, Holland.

Read about it at:

Check it out!

mountainborn said...

Poco said, "Hey ! I never did see Oscar in any of them there photos ! Wonder did he play hookey ?"
harm & bett

Oscar said...

Naaaaah! I figured that since Pete was going to be enjoying the music for nearly 18 hours that weekend, I'd rather hang out with the Collins family. I love Aldo's room and Grace brushes my hair real nice. :)

Besides, that rooster was running around loose and I didn't want ta hafta whup up on him too bad . . .

John said...

I'm glad you joined us for the weekend, the music was pretty incredible and is always better shared. I'll keep you informed of other venues in the area. Hope to see you and Oscar soon.