Thursday, September 6, 2012

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Oscar started to form his dog food into strange mounds and chant "Take me there . . . they are coming . . . take me there . . . they are coming . . . take me there . . . they are coming . . ."   So I did . . . and they didn't . . .    He was looking forward to sitting on some alien laps.   He's so sad now, how will I ever cheer him up?


Anonymous said...

Dear Oscar,
I'm so sorry you didn't get to see any aliens. Just remember, we still love you. Maybe that will cheer you up.
Isabella, the Italian Greyhound

Sharon Butler said...

We sure would have liked to see those aliens. We are going to have to see if our people will take us there in our egg. Zip and Tad, the rat terriers

Anonymous said...

We passed there and our feeders n walkers wouldn't let us out....and the same where Chuck gets his Alien Beer...Roswell, NM....wondering Oscar, think there is a connection????
the Hound Herd in Mimbres, NM

Anonymous said...

but at least you got to see the place!! Our mom won't take us anywhere. She says we are too much of a handful. Shhhhh, there is an alien celebration every year HERE with a parade and a ball room dance! We want to go as little black devil dogs next year! :-) M, E, and Sis

Anonymous said...