Monday, August 26, 2013

Oscar's Airshow

Crossing the state line into Florida, we pulled into the welcome center rest stop so Oscar could "admire" the lush green grass, something he doesn't see much of in the heat wave of central Texas. When he turned around and saw the Blue Angel on static display, he became so excited and said "Look Pete! They're putting on an airshow just for ME!!!!!!"

Obviously the whisker faced little furball thinks the whole world revolves around him . . .




Anonymous said...

Dear Oscar,
I'm glad to see you finally got Pete to get out again. It's not good for our people to stay at home too much. I hope his leg continues to improve.

I had to have surgery last month to remove a growth under my tail. It went well and I feel fine. The only problem is that now every time Pam and Bill leave the house they put this huge white lampshade on my head!! I really hate it!! When it's on I can't even scratch my itches. What were they thinking?

Anyway, be sure to tell us all about the air show. We Iggies love to fly.

Woof, woof, bark,
Isabella the Italian Greyhound

Oscar said...

Dearest Isabella,

Pete's moving kinda slow but at least I got his lazy bones outta the Lazy Boy. So sorry to hear about your operation. So you've become one of those lampshade dogs for a while, huh. Wow . . . I've never known a lampshade dog before! Perhaps when you're done with it you can put in on one of your humans and see how they like not being able to scratch their itch. That'll show 'em.

Kevin H said...

Hey you two - glad to see you're out there. I kept checking the blog hoping to see all is well.

Robin and I are back in Yellowstone this summer - almost over. We'll be back at Seminole Canyon State Park west of Del Rio on December 1. Would be fun to see you two again.

We always have a site availabe at Seminole!!

See ya -- Kevin

Anonymous said...

Dear Oscar;

I was thinking about you and the big lunk today and low and behold you are on the road! Good for you two! There is BIG news in our house. We have a BABY! He was a rescue from some very bad humans and he is really really small and... uh... WHITE! We look like piano keys. His name is Cody James because Mom thinks he is a "big gun" whatever that means. I personally think he looks like a little guinea pig. He is a poo-chi and he is only going to be 5-7 lbs when he grows up. I don't know what Mom was thinking cuz he can't do ANYTHING, but he is kind of cute and he does have a tail.

Take care of Pete because Lord knows someone needs to and you are elected.

Your buddy,

Oscar said...


A baby! Congratulations, even if is a bit tiny, weird with a tail, and white. You guys will look like Ying & Yang when you curl up together to sleep. We're so happy for you . . .

Anonymous said...

Sitting here at Elephant Butte Lake SP waiting for Miss Emily to move into the mobile when I cracked a Shiner Bock and thought about you n Oscar. Hope we get a chance to meet up as we move across the US in the MotherShip to FL! Chuck n Geri. Radar n Doogie Bowser say woof bark to Oscar..they are NOT sharing my Shiner!

Mary Alice said...

Oscar and Pete,
Accidentally saw your blog and was excited to see that you two are on the road. Hope to see you before the end of the year. A big group will be coming to Pineknot, would love to see you. For sure I hope to have a visit at Matagorda. Take care of each other. Oscar, keep Pete off the bike.