Sunday, March 29, 2015

Various Wanderings - Where in the world has Oscar been?

Oscar recently scolded me and said I had been neglecting our blog so that his "fans" would know what he was up to in his travels.  When I told him that the world did not revolve around him, he got all bent out of shape.  Sooooooo, here's a look at some of where Oscar has been . . .

The Quadalupe River Rats Rally (GRRR)

A great Casita rally in the heart of Texas that was kind enough to let these two Olivers join!

Here's a look at our Egg neighbors at GRRR

It seems that no year is complete without returning to the factory for some cool upgrades.  

Finding pleasant campgrounds along the way to Hohenwald, TN is half the fun of getting there.

Cruising slowly down the Natchez Trace is proven to lower the blood pressure.

The Wonder Egg received TLC at the factory and got a dandy double step added.  The first double step in the Ollie fleet . . . Wooohoooo!!!

Oscar always supervised camp set-up so it met his specifications.  (Picky little dog)

The setting sun is a sight that warms the heart . . . even though this photo at Poche's Fish Camp was taken in 30 degree weather.  HA!

Halloween at Fairview State Park
Oscar didn't think this guy was his new best friend

Oscar has absolutely no sense of humor.  I asked him to pose for this picture he and kept muttering "Sure Pete. YOU sit next to this sign and risk your life for a stupid photo."
Looking closely at the sign it reads 

big sissy


mountainborn said...

Hi youse' guys ! Good to read about your doins' !

Oscar said...

Hiya Larry,

Can you believe that goofball Pete can't even read obvious warning signs and that I risked my furry little hide just for his stupid picture? Sheeeeeeesh!

Give my regards to my BFFs Betty and Poco . . .



Mary Rosin said...

Hey, Oscar...Please tell Pete it was nice of him to let you check in. Keep smiling buddy!

Joy B. said...

Nice to see you again Oscar--tell Pete to take you out more & post more pics

Reynolds Roost said...

Always good to see your latest travels, Oscar. Looking forward to seeing you and even Pete sometime this year and the sooner, the better.

Bill Gowan said...

Nice to see info on your most resent travels Oscar. It is always so nice for you to take Pete along.