Monday, May 25, 2015

Fletchers Trailer Sales & Service, Inc.

Soooooo, where do old, vintage trailers, such as this Shasta "tin can" go for a chance at a new life?

They go to Fletchers Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. in Trumansburg, NY

Fletchers has rows of used, vintage trailers just waiting to be renewed so they might get back out on the road and give people pleasures of the great outdoors.  Here is a row from the front.
and from the back

As you stroll amongst these rolling treasures, you can almost hear them talk to each other about the places they've been and the families who have owned them over the years. Oh, the stories they could tell!  Here is a sample of the treasures to be found at Fletchers.

Avalon with cool Jalousie windows 

Serro Scotty Highlander
and his little brother, the Serro Scotty Sportsman was there also

These old fellows gathered around all day wondering who would be the next lucky one to be given a new finish and a new family to have fun with.

A very intriguing trailer was also found in this magical place. This low riding, raisable hard sided trailer was ahead of its time . . .


The Compak Keuka tows in the collapsed position for easy towing and then raises into a functional trailer for camping.  This one is serial number 002 and Fletchers is selling it, as is, to anyone who desires to return it to useful service.  What a head turner it would be.  It also comes with the original owner's manual. 

Anyone looking for a rare, classic trailer for refurbishing,  should call 607-387-5838 and ask for "Fletch"
He'll be glad to help.

Fletchers Sales & Service, Inc.

The adventure continues . . .


Jerry C said...

Would really like to have one of those old trailers. Bet they wouldn't do as well as a Casita or Oliver, though. Love that Compak..

mountainborn said...

Great visit to a cool place ! Thanks Pete !