Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ontario and EggFest 2016

After Niagara Falls, we went north, into Ontario, to meet some fiberglass cousins at "EggFest Ontario".  It is always nice to meet kindred spirits who travel with these unique rolling wonders.

Here's a sample of some of our fiberglass cousins . . . 

Little Joe


Patriotic Boler

Coca Cola Trillium

The Wonder Egg always feels right at home with its cousins.

Oliver - Boler - Casita

As usual, Oscar made lots of new best friends.  Here is his favorite buddy from the rally.

The adventure continues . . .


mountainborn said...

Wow ! Thanks for the look at cool fiberglass cousins !

Chuck said...

It is always great to be where your roots are. Mine are in what is now the Czech Republic. You are fortunate to be WHERE your roots are!