Monday, March 28, 2016

Pete and his STUPID Bluebonnets!

Pete is such a goofball.  He's all proud of himself for tossing out a bunch of bluebonnet seeds in his back yard and then doing nothing.  That's it, he did nothing at all.  Mother Nature did all of the watering, while Pete sat around and did, you guessed it . . . nothing.  So once a year he carries me and plops me down in the middle of 4000 square feet of sickeningly sweet smelling bluebonnets that are buzzing with a billion buzzing bees.   

Let me outta here Pete and lets go CAMPING before I get stung! 


Gayle said...

Yeah, he looks really, really happy.

Stumblers said...

Pete at least plants lovely flowers to sit in. Smile sweet boy.