Thursday, June 5, 2008


Oscar went on-line today and read some of the recent blog entries . . . he discovered I accused him of being a chicken-foo-foo dog that was afraid of alligators and that it was actually a foil for my own weakness. BUSTED!!

He told me he really had a wonderful time at the Collins' household but he missed heading out for adventures and meeting new friends with the Wonder Egg. Here's a picture of him this morning . . . wistfully daydreaming of another outing.

Don't tell him (its a surprise) but we're heading back down to Lake Corpus Christi State Park this weekend! We'll be caravaning down with Chuck and his dog Scottie. (they also have an Oliver trailer) We'll gather again with the Underwoods and their kids and also meet up with Fred & Mary Rosin & John & Chris Chapman. There will be some other furrkids along for Oscar to play with. Should be a blast!

More later as the adventure continues . . .


Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love...What a Cutie

Trisha said...

Another great pic of Oscar the Brave! Fr. Jim P stopped by on his way back from motorcycling to AK and had very nice things to say about you.