Friday, April 9, 2010

Oscar's Spring Fling - Friends & Flowers!

A few days ago, I overheard Oscar mumbling "Bob, Bonnie, flowers! Bob, Bonnie, flowers! Bob, Bonnie, flowers! Bob, Bonnie, flowers!!!!" It went on & on & on . . . thinking I would go crazy if he kept it up much longer, I asked Oscar what his never-ending mantra meant. He told me it was springtime in Texas, and time for his annual trip to visit his BFFs Bob & Bonnie, fulltimers, who winter over in Fredericksburg, TX. It was also a great year to view Hill Country wildflowers in all their splendor.

Soooooooo . . . we packed up and headed north, to Fredericksburg for Oscar's Spring Fling! Here's the Wonder Egg in front of home as it began Oscar's latest adventure.

We pulled into the Fredericksburg RV Park and were greeted with a meadow full of color.

As I set up our site, Oscar ran over to Bob & Bonnie's motor home and started doing what he does best . . . chilling out with friends! (He works so hard . . . NOT! No need to when he has me to haul him around and set things up so he can jaunt off having fun)

Over the next day and a half, Oscar was schmoozing it up big time with his BFFs, Bonnie & Bob.

Bonnie asked Oscar if he'd like to drive around the Willow City Loop and see the wildflowers. Oscar yelled "Would I!!!" and ran out of their motor home, hopping into their car saying "Hurry up slowpokes! Get a move on! There are flowers to see!!!" (pushy little foo foo dog)

Well Oscar was right, the loop was spectacular this year . . .

Oscar said Texans sure are proud of their state . . . this one's ranch gate said it all . . .

After a bit, Oscar said "Look there! That cow's eating bluebonnets! ME TOO!!!!!!"

He grabbed the camera out of my hand and jumped out the window - right into the thickest patch of bluebonnets he could find and said "Ya'll come on in, the view is fine!"
Here's the photo he took from his lower perspective.

After sampling a bluebonnet (or two) Oscar said there was a reason the deer didn't like to eat them and he mumbled "Silly cow" or something like that.

When we got back to the RV Park, Oscar, Bonnie & Bob hung out around the picnic table talking about all the wonderful sights. They had a great time as I readied the Wonder Egg for the trip back home. Do you think Oscar would help pack? HA!! He said he was supervising . . .

We said farewell to our friends and pointed the Wonder Egg towards home, arriving there on a beautiful, blue sky day.

Oscar is lying on his bed as I write this, his feet doing the puppy-twitchy thing and his voice sounding like laughter . . . I wonder what he's dreaming about?


Anonymous said...

Oscar, that's the life... you're one "lucky dog!"

mountainborn said...

Cool story you guys ! See ya' soon !

Happy Trails said...

When I die, I wanna come back as Oscar!

Oscar said...

Ya gotta get in the back of the line! I'm here for the long term . . . somebody's gotta take care of Pete.

That's MY job!!!!!!!!!!

Tinycamper said...

What gorgeous wildflowers!

Best from Oscar's perspective, of course! :)