Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fishin' / Route 66 / Mountains / et al

Well, after much prodding, I was finally able to get Pete to load up the Wonder Egg and mount the Hobie on top of the truck. I've got a great trip all planned for him this summer. It'll start with a couple weeks fishing in Arkansas. Then we'll join Lane and the Poodle Girl for a slow trip down the Mother Road from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. The temps should be rising by then, so we'll go for the cool high air and visit our friends in the Rocky Mountains at Trujillo Meadows where I hope to get in some more chipmunk chasing . . . wooohooo!

Here's the rig all set and ready to go . . . now where's my driver!

Our first stop was Fairfield Lake State Park in Texas . . . very nice! There's fishing year round here due to the warm water runoff from the coal fired power station. We're sure to return to this nice fishing hole in the future.

Now we're off to the next stop. "Jugfest 2010!" C'mon Pete, get a move on . . .


Happy Trails said...

It's fun having your summer all planned out for you Pete, Oscar is a great vacation planner. Maybe you should hire him out!

Anonymous said...

The sunset photo of the Wonder Egg looks like postcard material -- the stuff of dreams.

I'll bet Oscar and The Poodle Girl will have lots of fun together.

Enjoy the trip, and I'll be watching for more pictures! :)