Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oscar Reminiscing

Oscar's been reminiscing about cooler times we had this summer, like the bank of snow near our campsite in the Rockies. He thought it was pretty cool, literally!

Although, he wasn't too keen on the guy that engaged him in a snowball fight!

Oscar grabbed the camera and snapped a picture of this momma elk on one of our walks.

Although he wasn't able to go on the tour, Oscar enjoyed seeing the pictures of my tour of the Caverns of Sonora. I had a special, one on one 2 1/2 hour tour given by Jenn. Here she is standing in the Hall of Giants.

The formations are pretty under different lighting . . .

These are some of Oscar's new best friends, Jenn, Johnny and their dog, Rain. Jenn and Johnny are full time RV'rs with a great web site . . . check it out!
Hitek Homeless

We've been home in the Texas Hill Country for a bit, catching up with the kids & grandkids etc. It's time to hit the road again . . . it's festival time in the Appalachians!

National Storytelling Festival!
Fall 2010 East of Asheville Studio Tour!
The Woolly Worm Festival!

Time to pack..................


mountainborn said...

Heat and humidity will sure enough make us long for the cool dry air up high in the giant fir tree covered rocky mountains ! We miss you guys !

Anke said...

Did you catch some more rain in the hill country? Thanks again for having me over!
Have fun at all the festivals and travel safely!

Pete said...

Mountainborn - You & Betty be safe up there at the Sugar Beet Harvest and don't work toooo hard at Amazon.com!

Anke - Some rain recently but not as much as when you were here during Tropical Storm Hermine. Glad your home safe. See you NEXT year!

Homeless said...

Love those caverns. I enjoyed your personal tour as much as you.. trust me. Thanks so much for taking this picture. Hope you are having a great year so far.

Rain wants Oscar to know that her birthday is the 25th, and he's invited to the party.

Oscar said...

WOW! The 25th is just around the corner. Where are you guys right now?

Pete just toured the Longhorn Cavern. It was formed by swiftly moving underground water . . . sounded very pretty. Have your folks been there?

Homeless said...

We are in Sedona Arizona. Got sucked into the vortex ;)

We never made it to Longhorn. Would love to. Hope Pete got pics!


Hope you don't mind that I used your picture of us. Thanks for taking it.

Oscar said...

Rain, the pic looks great on your blog page! Looks like you're having wonderful experiences. Weren't you overwhelmed with all the choices of food at the pet store?

Have a fantastic B'day !!!!!!!!!