Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall 2010 Adventure - The Beginning

We were all packed and ready to go . . . I looked everywhere for The Smiley Dog and couldn't find him! Hearing the honk of the truck's horn, I went out to the driveway and found him proudly sitting in the driver's seat of the Tacoma saying "Hop in, Pete! I'm driving the first leg!" Oscar claimed he passed an on-line driver's training course and pulled his license out of his wallet, showed it to me, and said "Let's go Pete . . . time's-a-wastin'!!!

So off we went with Oscar grinning from ear to ear and me, "Mr White-Knuckles" in the passenger seat. He actually did a good job and got us to Aubrey's house southeast of Dallas where we assembled the Eggs for our convoy to the Appalachians.

To be continued . . .


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Oscar! Now if I can only get my people pack to quit hiding the car keys, maybe I can get MY license, too! You're an inspiration.

Isabella, the Italian Greyhound

Happy Trails said...

Ya'll have fun now! Oscar, keep the blog coming, Pete gets awfully busy sometimes! Drive careful and know you are loved! Tell Aubrey hello from Geri and Chuck!