Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Natchez Trace Parkway

Rounding a corner on our way east, Oscar said "Hey Pete, you've either taken a very wrong turn or Scottie has beamed us to The Planet of the Apes! Look at that sign . . ." I calmed him down by assuring him it was not THE forbidden zone, merely a warning about a flood area when they released water from a dam. We continued eastbound.

Finally, we arrived at the southern end of the Natchez Trace to start our slow meandering along this historic byway. 444 miles of slowly winding beauty that extends from Natchez to Nashville.

The Wonder Egg felt right at home.

Nothing is fast here . . . 50MPH is the rule for 444 miles! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride or you'll go bonkers.

Stop at any of the markers along the parkway to see sights such as this Old Trace Exhibit that looks a lot like Aubrey! LOL

Be sure to check the rear view mirror to see if anyone has fallen too far behind.

There are plenty of choices for overnight stays. We chose Davis Lake Campground after about 243 miles of Zen inducing , hypnotic scenery.

A brief walk from one of the points of interest along the parkway will bring you to 13 graves.

These are 13 unknown Confederate soldiers who were laid to rest in the forest along the Trace. Were they some of Shilo's wounded who retreated in 1862 to die beside the trace? Did they serve under the daring General Nathan Forest who passed this way in 1864? Or were they guarding the Tupelo headquarters of J.B. Hood's Army of Tennessee near the end of the Civil War?

We exited the Natchez Trace near Chattanooga, TN and found a quiet place by the river to think of all we've seen along the historic path.


mountainborn said...

Very cool drive. We just love the trace ! You guys keep on a' keepin' on !

Anonymous said...

How beautifully lush green! We have started the fall countdown. I awoke to spider webs criss crossing the bushes covered in dew drops and there are blankets of amber colored hazel nut carpeting the ground under the trees. They will start picking them up this week. Meanwhile you are still in the throse of summer there. Glad to hear Mr. O got his license to drive. Tell him to drive out here again sometime. Spring is beautiful! :-) T.