Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bring in the new Year

Brazos Bend State Park was a great place to join friends to ring in 2011! Here's the Wonder Egg basking in the glow of an Original Campfire in a Can, a new camping accessory.

Oscar enjoyed biking with the kids and hanging out relaxing after a strenuous ride.

He was also able to get in his fair share of cuddling, his favorite thing!

The crowd enjoyed a tailgate party and savored some award winning Hot Rod Chili . . . YUM!

And then there was the Cajun Jambalaya feast . . .

The rest of January was time to hang with the grandkids a bit. Looking forward to taking them campin'!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great New Year's party with lots of attention. I love it when our packs cuddle with us, don't you? I had a fun New Year's, too. Bill is a soft touch and I convinced him to give me some of the turkey when Pam's back was turned!
Talk to you later,
Isabella, the Italian Greyhound

Anke said...

Nice picture of proud poppi with his grandkids!

CC said...

Great to see you having such a great time with those GRAND-babie Sir Pete!!