Friday, December 17, 2010

Home Again

As I drove us back into our driveway, Pete made the Sign of the Cross and whispered thanks "That the crazy little dog didn't get us into any accidents." His lack of faith in my driving skills is a bit annoying. We covered 5176 miles this time out without incident, which is more than I can say for HIS driving. Sheesh!

We're hanging around here for the Christmas holidays, catching up on all the changes in the grandkid department. Here's Pete with his oldest and youngest grandkids, Sparrow and Eliot. I actually think it's pretty cool having a nephew I can see eye to eye with!

We had the twins and their folks over for dinner so Pete could try our his new smoker. Those two learned how to walk while we were out! Now I've really gotta keep an eye out for them. Santa's gonna bring them a new little brother or sister next June. What is he thinking?!? Then I'll have five little 2-leggers to look out for at family gatherings. AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!


Anke said...

The more the merry! Oscar, good that you got the 2 of you home safe and sound for the christmas holiday, we sure could have used your help over here in Europe/the UK;)!
Have a great christmas!

Happy Trails said...

What a wonderful family you have Oscar! Nice of Pete to let you adopt all his 2 legged relatives and friends! Hope Santa was extra good to you this year!

Trisha said...

Oscar those little nieces and nephews of yours are absolutely adorable! I'm sure you are quite the helper too. With your keen sense of smell you can alert their parents as to when they need "attention".

Just put on your happy face little Oscar!

Oscar said...

Pete & I have this system worked out if he's holding one of the little-two-leggers on his lap and my keen nose detects one of those "moments."

I give Pete a wink followed by a wide-eyed look. He announces that I need to go outside to do my business and hands the offending rug-rat to a parent.

Pete & I then head outside for a few minutes to crack some jokes about the situation. When we return, the stinky situation has magically been taken care of.

Works like a charm!