Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oscar's Update

Hi folks, Oscar here. It may look like we've been up to a lot of nuthin' the last few months. but that's not the case. After Matagorda Madness, we had a great Christmas with all my two legged cousins and then we brought in the new year with friends at Brazos Bend State Park, land of the big alligators. Yeah THAT place. The 'gators all heard I was coming so they hid to avoid the whomping I might give 'em. LOL

Here are "Pete's Fantastic Five" Paloma, Eliot,Sparrow, Valentina, and Lucca, all trying their best to hold still one second for a photo. Sometimes they grow dinosaur tails and walk around the room roaring and trying to scare me . . .

Since the new window replacements, I've been spending a lot of time pretending to be a cat on the back of the sofa as I listen to the birds outside on the many feeders. Nice and relaxing. Pete can be also be heard practicing his new Bansuri which lowers my blood pressure close to zero as I zen out.

The deer are fearless and come right up to the window ledge to eat bird seed dropped from the window feeder.

Pete packed up the Wonder Egg and we headed out for the Hillapalooza Rally. We always like to see our fiberglass trailer pals at this gathering. As Pete set up camp, I took off to say "Hi" and sit on some laps!

Maurice and I smiled as Pete worked at setting up the campsite next door. Pooooor Pete, HA! People tell me I relax them as I melt on their laps . . . looks like I put Dan to sleep this time.

Meeting new furpals is one of my favorite things to do.

Hillapalooza just wouldn't be the same without some signature Texas Waffles and fun games. The horseshoe tournament was rained out, so these hillbillies just moved inside for a game of hillbilly shuffleboard with the "special" Hillapalooza Horseshoes.

As usual, it ended too soon. We look forward to next year's Hillapalooza Rally at Miller Creek RV Resort!

Wait! What's that I just heard? Pete's Fantastic Five are coming over tomorrow for the First Annual Un-Birthday Party and there's gonna be a wallaby, an alpaca, and a s,s,s,snake!?!
See ya later folks, time to go hide in the closet . . .


Happy Trails said...

Welcome back to the blog Oscar! You are right, Pete has been getting downright slack in keeping us updated! Looks like you had a great time at the Hillapolooza gathering! Great to see all of Pete's offspring as well! Oscar you need to learn to use the camera so we can see pictures of Pete once and awhile!

Anonymous said...

That all sounds like fun. Happy UN Birthday to your pack!

mountainborn said...

Hey, Oscar ! This is Poco ! Sounds like you are having some cool family fun times ! We are looking forward to seeing you at the lake for boat riding fun and catfish catching and domino playing and cook outs and, ... ,and,, well you remember all of the great lake stuff we doo ! Hurry Oscar, hurry !

Kevin H said...

Welcome Back, Oscar and Pete! It's good to see that you two have been busy with family and egg stuff. I've been missing your updates.

Glad to read you again!!

-- Kevin

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Great! your dog is so cute.=D