Monday, March 26, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday!!!!!!!

It was time for the First Annual Un-Birthday Party for Popi's Fantastic Five. What did Oscar do? He grabbed his bed and ran for cover, that's what he did . . . Ha!
Once he was all situated and hiding in the closet, he said "Pete, you guys go right on ahead and have all those fast moving, excited 'little two-leggers' here, and feed them all the sugary sweets you want to. Just leave me out of it! I'll be just fine down here. Call me when it's over OK?"

So while Oscar was hiding in the closet, we had a grand time celebrating the grandkids Unbirthday Party . . . tree climbing, pinata whacking, face painting, animal petting, present opening, cake eating, and Bugeye driving! What a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

When things finally settled down, Oscar came bounding out of the closet, chompin' on "Squeekey Squirrel", saying stuff like "I ain't afraid of no snakes OR their big friends" I said, "Oh, big scary fellas like the bunny rabbit?"

"Whatever!" said Oscar. "OK Pete, now that you've had a cool party to celebrate the grandkids birthdays, LET"' GO CAMPING!"


Anonymous said...

Happy unBirthday, kids!!!!! Oscar, you just keep nagging Pete to come to Hurricane, Utah to see the Hound Herd!!! They been asking about you!!
Great pics, looks like great fun was had by all except Oscar....

mountainborn said...

Bet that pinyata' didn't have a chance with the fantastic five on the hunt !
Great photos.
Camping/Jugfest ! Yep it's time !

Trisha said...

They were DARLING....and the kids were cute too! LOL. They sure are growing fast!!