Monday, August 27, 2012


 Hi, folks, Oscar here.  Since we were "in the neighborhood" Pete & I thought we'd stop in at Yellowstone National Park and soak up some of the beauty sprinkled about the area.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

 Yellowstone River

 Lower Falls

 Cool water stream adjacent to steaming hole

 Crystal clear deep pool of steaming hot water

 Boiling pot of mud with strong, stinking sulfur smell!

 Dragon Mouth Spring that actually roared...LOL

 Surrealist landscape at Mammoth Springs

 Elk in camp . . . hide the foodstuff!

Momma elk grazing in green meadow

 Munching Moose

 King of the Road

 I hopped up on Pete's lap to say hello to The King of the Road, and what does Pete do? He rolls up the window to stop me from jumping out and saying "HI!"  What a spoil sport . . .

And now, time for my new BFFs

 Here's Jean.  She and her husband, Bill, road in on a cool Harley!

 Kevin and his wife, Robin, work in Yellowstone for the summer and asked us to stop in to see them.  So we DID!

A great family from Billings, Montana.  Patty, Scott, and their awesome kids, Grant & Eva

 I laughed when I first saw this sign.  I thought it said "Old Faithful Geezer" and told Pete it described him perfectly.   Hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha...

 We went to see what all the excitement was about with this Old Faithful Geyser.  We sat, and sat, and suddenly . . . .
Pete said "Wow! That was pretty cool, right Oscar?"  I said "That ain't nuthin', Pete.  I'll show you MY old-faithful over by the car.  Here it is!  Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh . . ."

Pete & I sure have enjoyed our summer in the mountains.  Now its time to start heading east to see our friends in the "Little Camper World", 'cause it's RALLY TIME, Wooohoooo!

I had one more chance to say goodbye to my Bison Buddy on the way out of the park.
BYE BISON BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!


Kevin H said...

Hey Oscar! -- I don't know what you and Pete are up to but today(8/27) I stopped by your campsite and YOU WERE GONE!!! Rats!

I knew you originally planned to leave today. I hoped to catch you before you left.

I've been working and did not get a chance to stop by earlier. I wanted to wish you two "Happy Trails!"

Sure hope to see you again, who knows where.

-- Kevin

Oscar said...

Kevin, it was great seeing you. Sorry we missed you when you dropped by again. Pete & I loved Yellowstone.
We're in Kansas now getting ready for a rally . . .

Dobermom said...

I just started reading your blog, and I have to say it's wonderful! My dream is to travel cross country one day, with my dogs and cats of course. Such beauty out there! And what great travel partners you both are!