Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pinnacle Campground - a Slice of Heaven

On the way to our next campsite, Oscar stopped to speak with an old time cowboy and his horse about our adventures and to get some insight into the local wildlife.  The horse warned his new little buddy about grizzly bears and a marauding giant buffalo seen wandering about these parts.  The cowboy told Oscar about the wild Wyoming Jackalopes that are "just about this high."  Oscar looked his new bronco buddy in the eye, spit out a chew of tobacco and said "I ain't askeered."

The 5 mile gravel road to Pinnacle Campground had plenty of nice scenery

After looking at the sites, we chose #6, for its view of the lake and mountains across the way

Oscar liked watching the sunrise out of the Wonder Egg, but his most enjoyable moments came as he enjoyed his daily "Coffee With a View"

The morning stillness displays a mirror image of The Pinnacles across Brooks Lake.  Looking  from the other side towards our campsite, you can make out the small, bright white dot of the Wonder Egg with spectacular mountains for a backdrop.

Oscar never saw any grizzly bears, but he did see some jackalopes . . . here's a sculptured one used for photo ops by traveling dogs.

Here's "Jack" the live jackalope Oscar used to go buffalo hunting .  Oscar saved the town from the marauding giant buffalo by roping it, bringing it down, skinning it, and donating the meat to a local food shelter.  Oscar then donated the skull to the town and posed with it as a warning to any other giant marauding buffallo.  Everyone yelled "All hail, Oscar the Wonder Dog!"

What am I gonna do with the insufferable little dog now?


Anonymous said...

Scotty, Doogie and Radar say " We'll take him' we'll take him!". And Geri and I will too!!!! Great pictures!!!!! Woof woof woof to Oscar and howdy from us!

Casita Adventurer said...

Pete, I am enjoying your journey. Beautiful area and great pictures. Reminds me of the Green River Lakes area at Bridger Wilderness I have visited in the past. I hope to be heading that way soon!Rob

Arizona Eileen said...

Great travelogue, Pete! Oscar is quite the canine model. I'm so jealous that you're in a cooler climate. :( Keep the reports coming so I can live vicariously until I can get to Ruidoso.

Unknown said...

Wow Pete! You and RVSue end up in the most beautiful campsites! Envious here! That Oscar is such a good travelling guy! Beautiful pictures!!!

Unknown said...

Just a thought.... Chuck and I will be workamping close to the Gila Cliff Dwellings in Western NM from mid Aug to mid October, in case you head south that way!

Cozygirl said...

Your Oliver is beautiful...trying to read through all your posts. Did you order it that is stunning? New in the blog world...gearing up for take off next year. Wish this year! Back to reading .... my blog pretty boring right now as we are in the "gear up and sell the stick home" mode...ugh! ~cozygirl

Pete said...

Hi CJ Cozygirl,

The chrome inside the Ollie came standard. On the outside, I've recently added the shiny new 16" wheels.

I like your blog too. Looking at it makes me hungry to try all the great recipes!