Monday, September 9, 2013

Rally in the Mountains!!!

The Wonder Egg crept slowly down the path less taken, following the secret instructions directing us to the Labor Day Appalachian Mountain Oliver Trailer Egg Rally.

When the Eggs were gathered within a stones throw of the Eastern Continental Divide, they set up camp and we all started to do our favorite thing . . . RELAX.


Oscar's middle name is Relax. Here he is chilling out on the front porch with Paul and Warren.

I told Oscar we'd be cooking on the open fire and he started shaking. He wouldn't calm down until I explained that we were NOT having hot dogs. Sherry and Paul made a killer, restaurant quality meal of marinated brisket, with roasted vegetables and sweet onions wrapped in foil and grilled to perfection.

We always enjoy our time on the mountain with Sherry and Paul. It was great having Tom and Karen and Warren along as well. Looking forward to the next time . . .




Anonymous said...

Dear Oscar,
Tell Pete we were really happy to see a photo of him standing tall on both legs after that bad accident he had.
Great news! I got my stitches out and my pack has quit putting that terrible lampshade on my head whenever they leave. At last I can relax like you and sleep while they are gone.
Have a great trip,
Isabella the Italian Greyhound

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

So glad to see ya'll relaxing with friends!
Oscar, you look sooooo relaxed and happy! Thanks for taking good care of Pete while he was recovering! You are a very special dog!
Pete, so glad to see you on two legs and looking good! Glad to see another blog too! LOL!