Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hitchin' Post

So we're going down the road and Pete says "Oscar, Look!  A missile is about to take off right in from of our eyes!!!!"

It was everything I could do to stop Pete from hyperventilating right there on the spot.  "Woah, Pete" I said  "Keep your hands on the steering wheel and take some deep breaths."  Then I put a paper bag to his face and said "Here, breath into this." I told him he was acting like a dumbbell and it was merely an old mothballed missile from bygone days, put on display near the Marshall Space Flight Center by Huntsville, AL

After mumbling something about "I'll dumbbell you, you little fuzz face." Pete said "No hard feelings Oscar, you were right, as usual."  He told me that he had picked out just the perfect campground for us to spend the night.  Later, as we pulled into the campground, Pete took my picture next to this strange looking dog picture.

We set up camp next to the lake.

After setting up our campsite, Pete said "Hey Oscar, lets go for a walk.  I know this great hitching' post you can sit by for a while and watch all the local wildlife."


For being a dumbbell, Pete can sure be pretty nice sometimes. 


rushmyessay services said...

oh thanks for sharing your wonderful day. This dog is so cute and sweet and you use it for the right purpose. Isn't??:) He is pointing and reminding you that you must be aware of alligators.

Pete said...

Yes he is. Oscar was always a sensible and careful dog.