Saturday, April 2, 2016

Panther Creek State Park, TN

Pete and I pulled into Panther Creek State Park, Tennessee this evening and while he set up camp, I went for a nature walk.  I found this old wooden bridge spanning the creek which sorta rocked as I trotted across the babbling creek (that was the creek babbling, not Pete, which is usually the case)

Our campsite backed up to the creek, if you look close in the background, you may be able to find Pete tending to his campsite setup duties.

After a while I heard a bunch of giggling and came upon two young people, side by side, in hammocks strategically stretched over the creek bed . . .  that would be "Panther" Creek.

I know it's no longer April 1st, but I couldn't help myself . . . I mustered up all the strength I had in my puppy voice and yelled PANTHER!!!!!!
Then I ran back along the creek bed real fast, listening to the splashing and sputtering behind me. 

hehehe, I love nature walks.


mountainborn said...

Cool place to overnight Oscar ! Where are you guys headed ? Your pal and squirrel treeing buddy, POCO

Anonymous said...

We love the "panther" shout!!!! Tell Pete we couldn't find our old Oliver hull #. Lotsa' treats and new smells! Radar n Doogie.

Oscar said...

We're heading to northern New Jersey to visit some of Pete's family. After I got back to the campsite, Pete asked me if I heard all the yelling and splashing down by the creek aways. I told him all was quiet and he must be hearing things.