Friday, January 6, 2017

Time to train Pete

Hi folks!  my name is Oscar. (also)  I just flew into San Antonio and was picked up by my chauffeur,  Pete.  He drove me out the The Hill Country and showed me my new travel trailer, The Wonder Egg.

Meet my chauffeur, Pete.  He seems sorta slow and simple minded (if ya know what I mean) and it looks like I've got a lot of training to do to get him up to speed.

But first things first, it's time for a bit of a rest before I tackle this huge task.

Wish me luck!



mountainborn said...

Hang in there Oscar ! My Jeep driver (Harm ) was a struggle, but check lists and user manuals seemed to help. Your pal Poco

Unknown said...

Good luck Oscar. I was concerned that Pete would be coasting mindlessly without a sharp dog to guide his way. Be sure to put Dahlonega, GA on your travel plans we would love to meet you.

Happytrails said...

It's a big job Oscar but I'm sure you are up to the challenge!! Get some rest and you'll be ready to begin!! Happy travels!!