Sunday, January 8, 2017

With Friends like This !

In todays world, it is important to be aware of what your children are doing online and know who they are talking to.  Bosker left his email open and I came across this!

Hi Bosker,
First, welcome to Texas and the Hill Country. We're your Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Bob, old friends of Pete and Oscar. Bonnie is a retired pediatric nurse, and thus a real professional at lap sitting little dogs, one of Oscar's favorites. We're looking forward to meeting you soon, so put a bug in Pete's ear that we need to get together.

Yes I know Pete's a bit of a dufuss, and a little slow, but you've hit the jackpot when it comes to loving homes. You'll soon have him trained and then anything you want will be yours. The best food, bejeweled collars, and of course winter sweaters. During your travels with Pete you'll have all the sweet young things, both human and canine, loving on you. Don't worry, they'll ignore Pete and you'll get all the loving attention. And remember, when Pete's trying to train you to sit, stay, roll over, come, things like that, it's all optional. If you don't feel like sitting, don't. You're so cute you can get by with anything. But if Pete's ever late with your food, bark and growl and chew his pants leg. He'll say "You're so cute!" and get you anything you want. Play him for all it's worth, you'll only be a puppy for a year or so and you need to get Pete trained quickly.

Tell Pete you need some of Bonnie's wonderful lap time. Have him pick a date and we'll bring the chicken fried steak sandwiches and fries.

We love ya Bosker,
Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Bob

With friends like this, life is a little richer . . .


Happytrails said...

Great advice, Boskar!!

mountainborn said...

Very Great post ! said...

Wow, loved it, you wrote it beautifully. Need to share it with others, good post, thank you for sharing it with us