Saturday, July 21, 2018


I started this travel blog when I picked up my Oliver Legacy Elite, "The Wonder Egg", in March of 2008.  As a recent widower and retiree, I found it very cathartic to share my wanderings with anyone who happened to come upon this rather quirky journey of a guy "Pete" and his dog "Oscar", both of whom made blog entries and generally "smack talked" one another.

After  ten years and 120,000 miles of rolling across the US and Canada I have acquired a new tow vehicle, and a new traveling companion, "Bosker".  Bosker and I are on our second year of long wanders and shall continue taking long trips during the Spring through Fall timeframe.

Short, pithy postings of our adventures now appear on my facebook page, which is found at:

Save travels, and may all of your wanderings be joyous!

Pete & Bosker

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