Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ancient, Giant Fisherman spotted . . .

Here we are on the last leg of circling Lake Superior.  Munising is a great tourist destination for folks looking to Kayak at Pictured Rocks or take a boat tour.  It has been a fun trip around the lake.  Wind blowing off the waters could instantly lower the temperatures by 30 degrees!

As we drove towards Duluth, MN Bosker yelled . . .

"Hey Pete! Did you get a load of that?"


"That giant, ancient fisherman back there."

"What's so special about a fisherman?"

"This guy is old, I mean really, really old.  He's even older than YOU and 
the fish he caught is bigger than any you you'll EVER catch."

Well, taking the bait I made a quick U-turn and went back to find this guy.  We found him in Kenenland.  He stood 30 feet tall and he caught a 25 foot long fish.  They stood still and  posed so long for someone to invent a camera to get his photograph that he, and the fish, sort of petrified.

This is no fish story, we have a picture to prove it.

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